Lemon Kisses - Out now from Phaze Publishing

Four Yaoi Stories by BJ Franklin, Eon de Beaumont, Imari Jade, and A Steele. Edited by Augusta Li

Seth Quan knew it was stupid to fall in love with his gorgeous, skirt-chasing, straighter than straight friend Kevin Bishop. Really stupid. But hope springs eternal -- and all that crap. Then one drunken, mind-blowing kiss changed everything between them. Or did it? Apparently not. The next day Kevin didn't remember a damn thing. So Seth tried to let it go... And when that didn't work he paid ten thousand dollars to have Kevin kidnapped and chained naked to his bed.

Now Seth has just one night to prove to Kevin that they belong together. The question is: can love, Darth Vader, and lots of kinky sex really conquer all?